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Common Q&A's for our sailing courses. How to find us, What to bring.
Q. Will I get wet?
A. Only if it rains or you get a bit of spray from a wave, Full Circle is a big 30ft Keel Yacht. 

Q. Will I get sea sick?
A. Unlikely, A yacht tends to heal depending on wind strength and stay there, yacht crew rarely get sea sick in the harbour.

Q. Can the yacht tip right over?
A. Defiantly not. Full Circle has a lead keel attached to the bottom making her go upright. Would require a major failour. 

Q. Does the yacht have an engine?
A. Yes, She is designed to operate under power or sail.

Q. Should I bring my phone & camera?
A. Its up to you, they will stay dry in the cabin but if you drop it while on the deck to the water then its all over!. You can buy small self floating phone bags from most chandelles for about $25.00

Q. Do you get large waves in the sail training area?
A. Sometimes but rare. We get short choppy 1 – 2m high waves. Full Circle handles these very well and often its exciting when we encounter these, often they comment how safe they feel in the yacht

Q. Do we wear lifejackets?
A. Yes. Its compulsory at all times, however the jackets are self inflating and easy to wear.

Q. Should I bring lunch?
A. Yes, bring some light lunch with you. We provide Tea & Coffee. We sometimes stop for 20 mins for lunch.

Q. I have a medical condition. Should I inform you.
A. Yes please. Skippers are trained in  first aid and there is a section on your application form to let us know about your condition & who to contact.

Q. Do you have a first aid kit and flares on board.
A. Of course!, this vessel is fully kitted out with safety equipment and is regularly inspected by Maritime New Zealand and of course you, its part of your course!

Q. Do you have an EPIRB & Life Raft?
A. Yes we nave a new Electronic Position-Indicating Radio Beacon. No we do not use a life raft. The reason is because we stay within enclosed waters. The shore is never more them 1km away

What you need

We suggest trainers or sailing shoes, they must be comfortable & high-grip. Sailing gloves and sun protection are recommended. We provide Coffee & Tea / Cold drinks & snacks. When time permits we can stop for a break. We suggest you bring a pack lunch. We keep a camera on board & will email your photos to you at the end of the course.   

Get ready for your first sailing lesson on Full Circle

To help you enjoy your sailing lessons we have prepaired a little advice on what to bring and where to meet us.


Windproof Jacket
Warm hat
Sailing gloves or skiing gloves
Trainers of soft, grippy shoes. No flip flops or jandles or hard shoes

Eating & Drinks

We have tea and coffee on board.
Bring a pack lunch & soft drink, no glass bottles

Electronic things!

Mobile Phone waterproof bag (available from Obourns or Burnsco) or move simcard to old phone
Digital cameras at your own risk
We prefer celphones to be off while teaching

Where to meet us

We meet at the Te Ana Marina Lyttelton Gate C

What if I am late? Will I miss the boat!
Just phone me on 027 2327596 and let me know. We can usually hold the yacht there for up to 20 mins while we do safety briefings and log book entries with the other students
Want to just have a go? not sure about booking a whole course?
You are welcome to come aboard for a sailing experience before you book a course (additioanal cost) , chat to the students and evaluate your tutor. 


Call 027 2327596